Computers & Electronics



  • Elliott Electronic Supply - The only really decent electronics outfit in Tucson, and the "go to" place for Raytheon. Surplus stuff, too!


  • Digikey
    - A hobby distributor that made good. They have almost everything!
  • Jameco
    - Another hobby distributor that is trying to go bigtime, but still retains a lot of fresh personality. Not as well-stocked as Digikey, but more true to the hobby roots.
  • Mouser - A commercial distributor (like DigiKey, and Raytheon uses them maybe a little bit more) who is perfectly fine with selling to hobbyists.



  • SparkFun - Kits, development systems, modular peripherals
  • Adafruit - Kits, development systems, modular peripherals


  • X10
    - The Original. They seem to be pushing security cameras anymore, but they have their own X10 and X10-Pro lines. Can't get Leviton or other manufacturer's X10 equipment here, of course.
  • Smart Home Products
    - Lots of stuff for home automation, A/V, etc., from a variety of manufacturers and a variety of technologies (including X10)
  • Smarthome
    - Used to have a lot of X10 stuff, but now they are focusing on their own INSTEON technology. Which used to be vaguely compatible with X10. INSTEON is dual-mode powerline comms and RF networking - and pricey.
  • Home Controls
    - Discount X10 products
  • JV Digital Engineering
    - A small-timer engineer who has designed and produces a small but excellent line of X10 products. Don't know for how much longer, as he has decided to switch full-time to design contracting, and when the remainder of his stock is gone, that's it. I wish he would release his designs as open-source.


  • Chaney
    - Project kits for all skill levels; esp. robotics


  • Nuts and Volts
    - The premier U. S. electronics hobby magazine. Website complements print magazine
  • Circuit Cellar
    - Steve Ciarcia's platform. A bit more involved than the hobby projects in "Nuts and Volts", almost entirely microcontroller projects
  • Electronic Design News - "EDN"
    - Industry magazine. If you work in a tech company, it should be easy to get a free subscription. Website good for articles, adverts, and editorials.