Atari ST Computer

My second computer (architecture) was the Atari ST. A friend of mine (Hi, Paul Harris!) who was/is really into the Atari 800, introduced me. At the time, I was working with a Motorola EXORmacs at work, programming 68000 assembly, so I was intriqued with the 68000-based Atari ST. Not least because of the legendary Atari name (even if people tend to identify "Atari" first as a video game)!

Also, it is a minimalist system. Keyboard, MIDI, video, floppy, all in one unit. Built-in TOS and GEM system. I am especially fond of the STfm with the built-in video modulator, and I've modified a few to output composite video to jacks on the back, ready to plug right into a TV monitor.

At one time, I had a 1040STfm running a STOS program (by Tony Greenwood) to put up music lyrics to a projector for youth choir tour, a la Powerpoint.

I also developed a taste for programming GEM applications. Outside of an attempt at an X10 application, I never finished anything, but it is Real Cool to program to the GEM API. We will see where GEM on the peecee goes...

There's even a few diehards still in Tucson! Unfortunately, I've got so much going on that I don't have much time for the Atari. But my kids do (Starquake, Prince of Persia, Bobo, Hero, etc.)