X10 Home Automation

X10 is an ancient (technologically-speaking) protocol for sending commands over the power lines in your house to turn on / turn off / dim lamps or operate other devices (fans, radios, alerts, etc.). Maybe I'm interested in X10 because it is ancient and I'm a "trailing-edge" type. Anyways, my house is (largely) tricked out with X10 (as far as the "spousal acceptance factor" will permit). I'm also looking at X10 for church auditorium support (turn on stage-located power amp, raise/lower projection screen).

Yes, there still is an X10 company, but it seems like other sources have better quality and more varied selection. There are also newer technologies coming on-line, mostly RF links. X10 is kind of slow, and RF is much faster, but there's just something about not beaming commands through the air to turn on lights that appeals to me. Plus, it will be a long time before any other technology approaches the mass deployment/price combination that X10 currently enjoys.